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Trail Running Centre of the Pyrenees

  • Trail Running Centre of the Pyrenees

    The Espot village is located at the main entrance of Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. Espot is surrounded by peaks over 3,000 meters and, therefore, it is a real paradise for hikers and runners, who find there the best areas to practice their favourite sport. Mountaineers can enjoy circuits over 2,000 meters of altitude, long tracks without slopes and funny and varied trails... The National Park offers hundreds of clean and marked trails to enjoy the mountain and its surroundings.

    Espot has numerous accommodations, such as hotels, holiday cottages, camping and apartments. A few kilometers away lies Esterri d'Àneu, capital of Valls d'Àneu, where you can find all services you might need.

    Valls d'Àneu offer many possibilities and other activities such as rafting, canyoning, climbing, hundreds of kilometres and trails for BTT, numerous mountain passes for road cycling, a unique cuisine and an authentic territory. Moreover, it is the first Family Holiday Destination created in Catalonia.

    All routes are indicated with the following information: start, distance and altitude. All tracks are registered in the resort application, so all users wanting to do one of them and to record their results just need to download the application and register their marks, so they can see their progress.

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    • Circuit A: Roca Blanca

      Circuit A: Roca Blanca

      Flat circuit which leaves from Espot village.

      Distance: 4 km
      Start altitude: 1,317 m
      Arrival altitude: 1,309 m

    • Circuit B: Lladres – Canonada

      Circuit B: Lladres – Canonada

      Ideal circuit to train the Vertical Kilometer because it allows you to run along the entire route. It is a road-track that leaves from Sant Maurici road, about 3 km away from Espot, and ends at the so-called "swimming pool".

      Distance: 2.9 km
      Start altitude: 1,459 m
      Arrival altitude: 1,901 m
      Average percentage: 15%

    • Circuit C: Canal Sant Maurici

      Circuit C: Canal Sant Maurici

      Road-track that starts at the "swimming pool" and ends at Mallagré Shelter, located at the Estany de Sant Maurici. It is a flat route ideal for altitude trainings. If you link circuit B with this one, you will reach the Estany de Sant Maurici when following the path and crossing the two tunnels. Once there, you will descend untill circuit B exit.

      Distance: 3.6 km
      Altitude: 1,902 m

    • Circuit D: Coll triador – Creu de l’Eixol

      Circuit D: Coll triador – Creu de l’Eixol

      This circuit starts at Creu de l'Eixol, which can be accessed via public transport. It is an incredible tour to train at an average altitude of 2,179 meters. It offers magnificent views of the High Pyrenees. There is the possibility to climb the Montsent de Pallars (2,880 m).

      Distance: 18 km (36 km there and back)
      Minimum altitude: 2,101 m
      Maximum altitude: 2,275 m
      Total ascent: 353 m

    • Circuit E: Campmaior

      Circuit E: Campmaior

      This circuit starts at Quatre Pins shelter, close to Creu de l'Eixol. This circular circuit, with an average altitude of 2,000 m, is ideal for improving the technic, as it passes through grassy terrain with continuous slope changes.

      Distance: 10 km
      Minimum altitude: 1,995 m
      Maximum altitude: 2,188 m
      Total ascent: 385 m

    • Circuit F: Vall de Peguera Vertical Kilometer

      Circuit F: Vall de Peguera Vertical Kilometer

      Once you leave the square and cross Espot village, take Vall de Peguera, which leads you to Josep Mª Blanc, in the midst of the National Park. It is highly recommended to stop at the lakes along the route. During all circuit follow the red and white GR mark. In order to enter the your ranking, download the APP.

      Distance: 6.7 km
      Start altitude: 1,317 m
      Arrival altitude: 2.317 m

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