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Measures against Covid-19 applied to Espot

Information updated on December 18th
News date: 18-12-2020
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The Espot station has implemented a set of measures and actions to deal with the health crisis arising from Covid-19 and reduce the risk of infection.


These include capacity restrictions, access control and the redesign and signage of queues at different points in the station.

Access control and capacity restrictions


Restrictions are applied to gauging at stations to avoid the risk of infection and to minimize congestion and queues. Therefore, it will be mandatory to buy the ski pass through the online store before visiting the station, as from the application will manage the quotas of available daily places. Temporarily, the available product catalog will be restricted and promotions and discounts will not apply. Only people who have made an online purchase for that day, and have proof of purchase, and people who have a season pass can access the station.


Users who can benefit from reduced rates applicable to large families and people with functional diversity will be able to go directly to the physical points of sale of FGC mountain resorts to buy their tickets or ski passes.


Redesign and signaling of queues


- Ski lifts. Tapes delimiting the space have been placed to access the ski pass detection shifts. The mask is mandatory from the time you start queuing at the ski lift until you disembark. It is recommended to keep quiet both when accessing and traveling the chairlift. There are information posters with Covid-19 safety standards and hydroalcoholic gel available to visitors.


- Information and sales points. There are ribbons that delimit the access and on the floor is marked with dots the specific position of each person in the queue. Just before access, there is hydroalcoholic ice on a footing and information posters on prevention measures. To avoid congestion, people visiting the station in groups are advised to be the only person to collect the ski passes. Visitors, who have had to make the purchase previously online, go directly to the queue at the Check-in ski pass collection machines and with the mobile terminal the QR reader detects the purchase. The lockers are only for people who have a season pass or for people who have a problem with their purchase.


- Restoration points. To access the cafeteria there is a circuit delimited with ribbons and marked on the floor. There is an undercut on the tables so that the user, when leaving, indicates that the table is not disinfected. The self-service staff currently serves food and beverages to guests. The Ski Burger, an outdoor dining point, prevents access to the interior for those who prefer to be outdoors at all times.


From Monday 21/12, and in response to the new measures applied to the restoration points, the update will be communicated on the restoration services operating at the stations.



You can consult the cross-sectional measures applied to FGC stations at this link.

Measures against Covid-19 applied to Espot
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