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Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

  • Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park


    Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, is the most genuine representation of this area. It is a unique Park, thanks to its landscape majesty and to its flora and fauna richness. The park is dotted with centenarian fir and pine trees and nearly 200 lakes run through this area, where chamois, western capercaillies, marmots and bearded vultures find refuge.


    The eastern part is accessible from Espot Valley and is composed of the high valleys of Escrita and Peguera rivers. The first one includes Estany de Sant Maurici and Encantats Mountain, as well as Monestero, Subenuix, Ratera and Amitges lakes. In Peguera valley, you can find Trescuro, Tort, Trullo and Negre lakes, among others.

  • The best way to enjoy the Park is discovering the following areas: Camí dels Enamorats, Roca de la Cremada and Llong lake, and going for a walk along Estany de Sant Maurici through the viewpoint and Amitges. At the National Park, you can admire the U-shaped valleys, typical of glacial erosion, the cirques, with their characteristic amphitheatre shapes, and the peaks and needles characterise the appearance of the Park, while the presence of over two hundred lakes, scattered throughout the area, make this the most important area of lakes in the Pyrenee. The landscape includes alpine meadows, fir and pine trees forests. Some of the park peaks have altitudes close to 3,000 meters.


    A national park is a natural and cultural heritage to be respected and preserved so that future generations can also enjoy the landscape, geomorphology, flora and fauna. All activities, therefore, must preserve the values that motivated its creation. It is also, by its nature, a privileged place. Visitors must therefore maintain its current state and preserve it from any risk of alteration or aggression. This difficult task is not possible without the cooperation of all visitors.


    What to do?

    The National Park offers a wide range of possibilities for all visitors. It is a space that invites you to walk and enjoy. Discover all the activities you can do!

    Rules and regulations

    To ensure the preservation of the park, it is recommended to follow the current rules of protection.

    How to get there?
    In Espot there is a 4x4 transport service that takes you to Estany de Sant Maurici, among others. 

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