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    Photopoint Mirador de la Pala


    The Photopoint is a camera equipped with a timer shutter. The timer starts the countdown automatically (it emits a sound that warns of start-up) after the user approaches the ski pass to the space where it is indicated. In this way, all users can take a free digital souvenir of their ski day with a photo that will be stored and accessible from the skiline.cc platform, which can be accessed by creating a user registration and the search for the photographs corresponding to the ski pass number with which the photograph was taken. Once located, users will be able to download and / or share their photo.


    The new Espot photopoint is located in a unique landscape: the highest point of the station, from where you can see peaks as emblematic as the Pica d'Estats.



    When you visit the station, take a souvenir with you!

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    We inform you that by using this Photopoint equipment, you consent to your image being captured and stored in digital format by Alturos Destinations GmbH (the data controller) domiciled in Klagenfurt (Austria), A-9020 , Lakeside B03 and email: [email protected] The purpose of the treatment is for you to have access to the services offered on the Skiline portal.

    We inform you that your data may be transferred to Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya with address in Barcelona, ​​08017, C. dels Vergós and email [email protected] in order to promote the activities of this company. You may find all information relating to data protection, the exercise of your rights and the conditions of use of this service, by consulting the complete Privacy Policy, the Declaration of Consent and the Terms and Conditions of this service. on the website www.skiline.cc

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