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The FGC mountain resorts will end the winter season next Monday with a total of 838,000 visitors

News date: 10-04-2023
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  • The six mountain resorts of FGC have received 838,082 visitors during this winter season 2022–2023


  • Snowfall, especially in mid-winter, and snow production have allowed ski areas to open up to a maximum of 130 days with 70% of slopes and facilities operating on average throughout the season


  • The season in Boí Taüll has been historic with 172,702 skiers, an increase of 29.5% compared to the previous winter

A total of 838,082 people have visited the ski resorts of La Molina, Vall de Núria, Vallter, Espot, Port Ainé and Boí Taüll from December to April. This figure represents a maintenance regarding last year, with a slight increase of 1%.


The Boí Taüll and Port Ainé facilities have been open for up to 130 days with 70% of slopes and facilities open on average throughout the winter, largely thanks to the work of the technical slope maintenance teams, the increase of the efficiency of the snow produced with the investments made and the mid-winter snowfall. The stations located in the Lleida Pyrenees, most favored this year, have accumulated up to 2.5 m, as in Boí Taüll, or 1.5 m in Port Ainé.


This year's satisfaction surveys indicate that visitors have valued their experience at FGC stations with a score of 4.26 out of 5 and a recommendation index (NPS) of 29.61 points. Both indicators show an improvement compared to the 2021-2022 season, where a satisfaction score of 4.21 and 24.16 points in NPS was obtained. Another relevant piece of information is the 4.30 out of 5 with which visitors rate the customer service.


On the other hand, among all the activities carried out in the winter season in the resorts, it is worth highlighting the new edition of the Esport Blanc Escolar program, promoted by the FCEH and the General Secretariat of Sport, with the teaching of skiing and snowboarding to more than 2,400 school students throughout the winter.


The president of FGC, Antoni Segarra, has assessed the season with satisfaction: “This has been a year of good snow in the western Pyrenees, despite the eastern Pyrenees, the precipitation has been more moderate. However, we have been able to ensure a number of ski days similar to the average of recent years. Our client has continued to visit us and this has allowed us to obtain good data on the global FGC stations.” Segarra added that "on the other hand, we continue working with the firm conviction of turning our mountain stations into authentic centers of economic revitalization of the territory, following a clear and transparent line: the performance of our 2030 Climate Action Plan. This is our roadmap in terms of business sustainability, with the clear desire to take a firm step forward and adopt a more dynamic position in management."


Very good season in the Lleida Pyrenees

The Alta Ribagorça mountain resort, Boí Taüll, has recorded a historic season with the greatest increase in influx among the group's facilities, with visits by up to 172,702 people. This has meant a growth of 29.5% compared to winter 2021-2022.


Regarding the Pallars stations, Espot received the visit of 67,763 people and had an increase of 3.2% compared to last year.


The Port Ainé station has welcomed up to 123,226 visitors, which has meant a growth of 3.3% compared to the previous season.


In Ripollès, the Vall de Núria mountain resort closes the snow season with a total of 97,995 visitors, which represents a growth of 10.3% compared to the 2021-2022 season. Regarding the ski passes sold, up to 30,635 users have purchased the day ski pass. The activity in Vall de Núria does not stop and its facilities and a varied program of activities will continue in service daily during the rest of the year, as usual.


La Molina station has registered 324,000 visitors. The influx figures in this station are close to 8.1% below those of last season. As regards the Alp 2500 ski area, it has welcomed up to 55,800 visitors, 9.9% less than the previous season.


The easternmost station, Vallter, welcomed 52,396 people, 52.6% less than the previous season. This data reflects the less favorable weather conditions in the eastern Pyrenees. However, up to 42,173 ski passes and 10,208 tickets have been sold in the leisure park and the chairlift activity remains open until April 10 for those who want to enjoy gastronomy from the viewpoint of the Costa Brava.


A season of high-level international competitions

The FGC ski and mountain resorts have continued to bet on high-level competition in their teams with three major world-class championships. On the one hand, the Espot resort has hosted the FIS Para Alpine Ski World Championships, from January 20 to 29, where nearly a hundred skiers gathered over ten days and seven tests were carried out. The La Molina resort has hosted the FIS Para Snowboard World Championships, which took place from March 8 to 17 and brought together some seventy athletes from 21 countries. Season after season, both seasons demonstrate their commitment to the sport.


On the other hand, the Boí Taüll station, from February 27 to March 5, has been the venue for the ISMF World Championships Skimo 2023. As a novelty, the Olympic format has been adopted for the first time, since 'skimo will become in Olympic sport at the 2026 Milan-Cortina Games. Five events were held: sprint, individual, vertical, relief and teams, and some 400 skiers from 24 teams participated.


It should also be noted that this year Vallter and La Molina have been two stage finals of the 2023 Cycling Tour of Catalonia. For yet another year, two FGC stations have been the protagonists of this high-mountain sports spectacle.


Success in the process of digital transformation of sales processes at stations

This year, the FGC stations have completed the installation procedure for automated access control to the lifts and automatic ticket and ski pass sales machines and the issuance of reservations for these tickets at the different access points to the station.


Up to 10 machines for the sale and issue of ski passes and tickets have been installed and two in the FGC mountain resorts within the framework of this project linked to the digital transformation program in the mountain resorts.

This season the Pirineo365 Loyalty Club has been launched, which includes 66,687 users who enjoy exclusive actions for members (draws, promotions, activities). In addition, from the Pirineu365 profile, customers have the possibility of checking the status of their orders and the balance of ski passes at any time, an action that is highly appreciated by users. On the other hand, with the aim of improving the shopping experience, access to stations and customer service, a virtual assistant has been implemented for these tasks in the stores and station websites, in addition to facilitating autonomous management. by the client in the cancellation of purchases.


FGC stations have increased their sales of ski passes and tickets in advance by 53.4% through the web channel, 4% more than last year, in figures much higher than usual in this sector.


Mountain Stations, tourist facilities for the whole year

The six mountain stations of Ferrocarrils will end the 2022-2023 ski season this Monday the 10th with an eye on summer. The offer of summer activities is diverse and for all audiences: panoramic lift trips to different points of the seasons, ideal for contemplating the landscape; hiking outings around the Natural Parks to which these ski lifts give access; road or mountain biking routes in circuits designed for all levels, and activities with a more playful and family profile at the base of the seasons for the family to enjoy a day in the high mountains.

The FGC mountain resorts will end the winter season next Monday with a total of 838,000 visitors
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