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The Alpine Combined event occupies the second day of the FIS Para Alpine Ski 2023 World Championships in Espot Esquí

News date: 24-01-2023
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Italy's Chiara Mazzel (Vision Impaired), Sweden's Eva Aarsjoe (Women Standing) and Germany's Anna-Lenna Forster (Women Sitting) topped the podiums in the women's category. In the men's category, the winners were Austria's Johannes Aigner (Vision Impaired), France's Arthur Bauchet (Men Standing) and Norway's Jesper Pedersen (Men Sitting)

Today, January 24, was held the second competition of the FIS Para Alpine Ski World Championships 2023, the Alpine Combined or Alpine Combined race in the men's and women's categories. Formed by two races, the race started at 10:15h with the Supergiant race on the Bosc 2 slope and continued at 13:45h with the Slalom on the Estadi slope of the Espot Esquí resort. Today, the weather conditions have been marked by a bright sun and an approximate temperature of -5ºC.


Thus, in today's Supergiant race, in the Vision Impaired class, the female category was once again led by the Italian Chiara Mazzel, with the mark of 58.54. In Women Standing, the first was Ebba Aarsjoe, also winner of yesterday's Super Giant, with a time of 57.59. In Women Sitting, the German Anna-Lenna Forster was once again the winner of the Supergiant with a time of 1:03:58.


In the Men's category, the winner of the Vision Impaired class was the Austrian Johannes Aigner, with a time of 52:79. In the Men Standing class, the Swiss Robin Cuche took first place (54:18), while in Men Sitting it was the Norwegian Jesper Pedersen (54:40).


Regarding the Alpine Combined Slalom, the first position in the Vision Impaired class was again for Chiara Mazzel, who achieved a time of 1:59:95. In Woman Sitting and Woman Standing, the winners were again Ebba Aarsjoe (1:00:85) and Anna-Lena Forster (59:55).


In the men's category, Johannes Aigner won the Vision Impaired class (51:45), while Frenchman Arthur Bauchet came first in the Men Standing class (53:15) and Jesper Pedersen first in the Men Sitting class (53:42).


With regard to the totals and, therefore, the results that determine the podium of the Alpine Combined event, this is the final classification:


Women Vision Impaired
1: Chiara Mazzel (ITA) - 1:59.95

2: Alexandra Rexova (SVK) - 2:00.97

3: Eva Nikou (GRE) - 2:01:41

Women Standing

1: Ebba Aaarsjoe (SWE) - 1:58.44

2: Anna-Maria Rieder (GER) - 2:01.80

3: Aurelie Richard (FRA) - 2:03.46

Women Sitting

1: Anna-Lenna Forster (GER) - 2:03.13

2: Laurie Stephens (USA) - 2:17.71

3: Saylor O'Brien (USA) - 2:28.87


Men Vision Impaired

1: Johannes Aigner (AUT) - 1:44.24

2: Giacomo Bertagnolli (ITA) - 1:45.89

3: Michal Golas (POL) - 1:48:48


Men Standing

1: Arthur Bauchet (FRA) - 1:47.93

2: Robin Cuche (SUI) - 1:53.13

3: Aaron Lindstroem (SWE) - 1:54.06


Men Sitting

1: Jesper Pedersen (NOR) - 1:47.82

2: Rene' De Silvestro (ITA) - 1:48.68

3: Jeroen Kampschreur (NED) - 1:50.77


Today at 17:00h, as every day during the 9 days of competition, the Espot Town Hall will host the Captains Meeting, the daily meeting in which the FIS members announce the Start List for the next day. Tomorrow, January 25, the resort will host the Downhill training and the Downhill race of the FIS Para Ski World Championships 2023.


Check the results here

The Alpine Combined event occupies the second day of the FIS Para Alpine Ski 2023 World Championships in Espot Esquí
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