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The new PiriNeu365 card allows you to enjoy the mountain resorts all year round

News date: 15-12-2020
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With this card you can load season passes and tickets, as well as other ski pass products, rentals and combined packs valid for the whole year.

It is a unique and transversal rechargeable card that is suitable for all ski and mountain resorts in FGC. Use it in winter and summer, and it will contribute to preserve the environment by taking advantage of the fact that it is a single annual support. The new Pirineu365 support is integrated into the new automatic check in access system.


How can I get it?


You have to buy (online or at the physical points of sale of the stations) a product at any of the stations, such as a day pass. Once purchased, when you pick it up, you will have the option of purchasing the PiriNeu365 for just 1 more euro. If you make the online purchase the amount will be added to the shopping cart in case you don't have a card to top up.


Advantages of the PiriNeu365 card:


-Use it for the whole year at the 6 FGC mountain stations and enjoy nature 365 days a year.


-Register and access the online stores of the stations with a single user.


-Help us preserve the environment using a single rechargeable support.


-Enjoy exclusive benefits, raffles and promotions.

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The new PiriNeu365 card allows you to enjoy the mountain resorts all year round
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