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The Downhill race, protagonist in the third day of the FIS Para Alpine Ski 2023 at Espot Ski

News date: 25-01-2023
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The Italian Chiara Mazzel (Vision Impaired), the German Anna-Maria Rieder (Women Standing) and the Dutch Barbara Van Bergen (Women Sitting) head the podiums in the women's category. In the men's category, the winners were the Austrians Johannes Aigner (Vision Impaired) and Markus Salcher (Men Standing), and the Norwegian Jesper Pedersen (Men Sitting)

The Espot Esquí resort has hosted the third competition of the FIS Para Alpine Ski World Championships 2023, the Downhill test, one of the star tests for speed-loving athletes. Thus, the day began with Downhill training at 10:30 a.m., under very favorable weather conditions and a large number of spectators who were able to enjoy it. The athletes' training took place on the Bosc 2 track, the same one that hosted the official Downhill race at 1:00 p.m.


The Downhill or Descens discipline is characterized by combining speed with the turning technique of the runners and, in this case, it has had the participation of 60 athletes (15 women and 45 men) of the 87 who are registered in the FIS Para Alpine Ski World Championships 2023.


In today's Downhill test, the Italian Chiara Mazzel and her guide Fabrizio Casal have again achieved the first position on the podium in the Vision Impaired class, with a mark of 53:91. In Women Standing, the winner was the German Anna-Maria Rieder, who set a mark of 55:35. In the Women Sitting class, Dutch Barbara Van Bergen was declared the winner, with a time of 55:29.


In the men's category, the Vision Impaired class was led by the Austrian Johannes Aigner (48:38) and his guide Matteo Fleischmann. In Men Standing, the first position went to fellow Austrian Markus Salcher, with a mark of 50:03, while in the Men Sitting class Norwegian Jesper Pedersen was declared the winner (49:62).


The results that determine the podiums of the Downhill test are as follows:


Women Vision Impaired
1: Chiara Mazzel (ITA) - 53:91 (Guide: Fabrizzio Casal)

2: Martina Vozza (ITA) - 55:04 (Guide: Ylenia Sabidussi)

3: Alexandra Rexova (SVK) - 56:43 (Guide: Eva Trajcikova)

Women Standing

1: Anna-Maria Rieder (GER) - 55:35

2: Aurelie Richard (FRA) - 56:27

3: Frederique Turgeon (CAN) - 56:64

Women Sitting

1: Barbara Van Bergen (NED) - 55:29

2: Anna-Lenna Forster (GER) - 57:86


Men Vision Impaired

1: Johannes Aigner (AUT) - 48:38 (Guide: Matteo Fleischmann)

2: Hyacinthe Deleplace (FRA) - 48:84 (Guide: Roy Piccard)

3: Michael Scharnagl (AUT) - 50:31 (Guide: Florian Erharter)


Men Standing

1: Markus Salcher (AUT) - 50:03

2: Robin Cuche (SUI) - 50:11

3: Alexis Guimond (CAN) - 51:07


Men Sitting

1: Jesper Pedersen (NOR) - 49:62

2: Taiki Morii (JPN) - 50:52

3: Jeroen Kampschreur (NED) - 50:97


The complete ranking can be consulted at this link.


Today at 5:00 p.m., as every day during the 9 days of competition, Espot City Council will host the Captains Meeting, the daily meeting in which FIS members announce the next day's Start List. Tomorrow, January 26, the resort will host the Giant Slalom test in both the women's and men's categories.


Check the results here.

The Downhill race, protagonist in the third day of the FIS Para Alpine Ski 2023 at Espot Ski
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